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Marla is one of the original Next Gen OGs.  With a member number of 2, this founder has spent nearly three decades dedicated to this club.  A New Yorker now living in California, Marla still longs for a real NY slice, people who know what they're ordering when they get to the counter, and rats large enough to occupy a tiny, overpriced, Manhattan closet (apartment).

A tough cookie with a soft inside, Marla can be seen at every dance and dance function, checking in dancers, walking the parking lot to keep everyone safe, getting snacks ready, chatting, and doing just about everything else.  As board President, she excels at building community, following the letter of the law, and "takes no guff" when necessary.  Marla is the leader we all love, and we are so grateful for her knowledge, support, and (when needed) strong push.(Shove?)

As a friend writing this bio for her, I don't know why Marla dances.  I suppose if asked, she'd say something like, "Because I just have to!", but whatever the reason. . . we sure are glad she does!



I began swing dancing around 2005, after watching videos of my younger brother, and the Irvington High School Swing Dancers, attending Grand Nationals and Swing Diego.  I was amazed and instantly hooked, and I began going dancing with them at Two Left Feet in Danville.  The thing I love most about West Coast Swing is how the variety of music draws a diverse group of dancers together.  I love how every person brings their own style to the dance, which gives me a different experience with every song!  Dancing take me to a place where I forget about all of my other responsibilities, and I get to focus on the energy and connection between my body, my partner, and the music.

I really appreciate that Next Gen encourages members to get involved in the club!  There is so much work involved in running this club, the monthly dance, and the yearly convention, and I have had a wonderful experience seeing the club from behind the scenes.  As a Board member I have been able to voice my ideas for building our community, and it's extremely rewarding to see them implemented!  Being involved with Next Gen has increased my confidence on and off the dance floor, and has allowed me the opportunity to meet some amazing people.

Outside of dance, I live in the Sacramento area and I work as a private practice sports chiropractor, and as an adjunct professor at Sierra College. In my free time, I enjoy exercising, hiking, kayaking, shopping, scrap booking, road trips, and cooking



Hi, I’m Wafaa Sabil.  I'm  curious about everything, and I'm a traveler and a community builder.

From practicing Architecture to teaching Design, and now working as an Experienced designer, I have a passion for designing creative and intuitive products/interfaces and experiences that impact people’s lives.

 I also enjoy dancing Tango and West Coast Swing, swimming and doing collaborative Art.

 I have decided to join the Next Gen Board because I always felt it was an amazing and welcoming organization. Since, I joined, I discovered that there are so many people working in the back to create amazing dancing experiences for the whole Swing Community.


John Su - Memberships Director

Edith Kelly Politis - Independent Director



Lauren Wood - Accountant & Independent Director




Kristin Sorci-Barger - Marketing Admin and Independent Director



Kristin Sorci has choreographed for the COLSAC Theater Company in Los Angeles, Solano Youth Theater, worked with Cirque Du Soleil, IAGG -International Aesthetic Group Gymnastics, and is featured as a choreographer on the hit television show “So You Think You Can Dance."

Kristin began dancing at a very young age, starting in jazz, tap, and ballet, as every “dance kid” does. With a twenty year background as a gymnast and coach, aerials and tumbling are her specialty. Kristin is a WCS Champion, and an American Lindy Hop Champion who has traveled the world teaching, judging, and choreographing. 

As a dancer and musician, Kristin’s focus is breaking down music to movement, inspiring students to focus on music theory and dance as a pairing.  Her style is complex and intricate, as well as extremely musical.  

I decided to join the Next Gen Board in order to be part of a Non-Profit organization that is purely focused on giving back to the community!  This club is continually striving to further WCS education and relationships, and I am very excited to be part of such an amazing team!


Johnny Lee - Independent Director

The Next Generation Swing Dance Club's Board of Directors is a group of volunteer Club members that manages a real corporation. That's right. This isn't just a little local dance club. TNGSDC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, subject to Articles of Incorporation filed with the California Secretary of State, the club's Bylaws, and the laws of the State of California. As such, these documents and laws, along with the corporate Policies & Procedures, are the governing foundation of TNGSDC.

The Board makes decisions, determines goals, oversees financial matters, oversees club operations and member & swing dance community communications, evaluates the performance of the corporation, and fosters the philosophy, purpose, and vision of the Club. The Board is responsible for corporate budgeting, expending funds, and entering into contracts.

Sitting on TNGSDC Board is an excellent way to learn about what it takes to manage a corporation -- but even better, it is a great way to get to know your fellow dancers. The Founders Committee, which is comprised of people experienced in running TNGSDC, serve in an advisory capacity and are always available to assist and advise, if requested. Also, a great way to start on the Board is as an Independent Director, which is often an "entry" position to learn about how to manage the club.

The Board of Directors are all volunteer Club members, nominated and elected by the club membership. A new Board is elected each year and the process begins with nominations submitted by Club members in February and at the March Club Dance. The election takes place in March, and culminates at April Club Dance when the incoming Board of Directors is introduced.

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