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Boogie By The Bay 2017 was an absolute blast!   We hope everyone 

enjoyed our 

25th Anniversary Gala!!

Once again, Brad Whelan has made a selection of photographs from the weekend available for download at no charge!


Andy Bouman - Convention Chair   



Elizabeth Bellamy- Convention Chair



Maureen Stockdale- Ticket Coordinator



Jennifer Filzen- Volunteer Coordinator


MR. Windy City Bouman. 007 Bouman. It's a good thing this guy doesn't ever get tired of wearing hats because he seriously wears so many.  A spy by night, Andy is known for his lightness of foot, quickness of step, and complete grace.  Honestly, he's a total NINJA.  As our event Co-Director, and UC Berkeley School of Business Alumni, Andy oversees well, everything. . . including the night time polo matches, the bomb squad brigade training, and the BBB Sunday Afternoon Roller Derby Match.   The nicest guy ever, he is always willing to lend a helping hand whenever it is needed.  Thanks Andy, for being our Certified Kitten-Wrangler every year!

This Indiana native serves as our event Co-Director, overseeing all of the amazing music that gets played.  A Master of DJs, this Gilmore Girls fan specializes in popular music, throwback tunes, and killer competition music.  

Boogie by the Bay

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